A Person seeking Individual Counselling may not know what to expect when coming to Counselling for the first time and this lack of awareness can often delay the important first step of contacting a Therapist. The Therapy session is always a unique experience for everyone, for some it maybe struggling with a current issue, for others it maybe more deep rooted and require more intensive self exploration.

Personal relationships can sometimes hit a stage where third party mediation may be required. Couples counselling can help in dealing with issues such as communication problems, trust issues, respecting the individual, financial difficulties, sexual problems, infidelity.  At Westmeath Counselling Service we can offer a calm, relaxed space where two people, with the assistance of their therapist, can work out the isssues which are impeding upon their relationship. Our Couples Counsellors are trained in verious therapys including the works of Dr. Sue Johnston, Dr John Gottman and in Imago Therapy.

Individual / Personal Therapy

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Couples Therapy

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"You cannot cross the sea by merely standing and staring at the water."

              - Rabindranath Tagore


Adolescent Therapy

The years that define young adulthood can be the most important of a person's life. It is this developmental stage in life that can potentially mould and shape who a person will be. Unfortunately it can also be the most challenging and complex. Puberty, confidence, self awareness, sexuality, education, peer pressure, are all areas of potential stress/anxiety for a young adult. Even dealing with the surge of emotions can lead to difficulties with self esteem, frustration and anger. It can be helpful to speak with a counsellor who will provide a confidential, safe and non judgemental space.

 Child / Play Therapy

Non-Directive Play Therapy is a form of Psychotherapy for children and young people with a wide range of emotional and behavioural difficulties. It uses play as its primary medium of communication and expression and is a child-centered approach. Play therapy is felt to be more effective with children than the speech based therapy used with adults and is suitable for children ages 3-16 years old.


Children come to Play Therapy for reasons such as seperation or loss, issues with peers/friends/siblings, illness, disability or learning difficulties (Autism). Child Play Therapy also deals with other issues such as, trauma/violence/abuse, adoption/fostering, attachment issues, bullying, difficulties at school, low self esteem, anxiety/ fears/bed wetting, phobias, sleep disturbances, difficulty expressing feelings or feelings of anger.

In Play Therapy the therapist provides a safe, confidential play environment that the child needs to explore his or her feelings and experiences.


For more information about Play Therapy, go to www.ipta.ie or www.bapt.info

Filial therapy supports parents/carers to facilitate a type of expressive play that is beneficial to their child/children. This type of play improves coping skills, communication and strengthens parent-child relationships.

The purpose of Filial therapy is:

  • Help children become more aware of their feelings and how to communicate and regulate them

  • Builds children’s confidence in themselves and the choices they make

  • Increases parents understanding of child’s overall development, attitudes and feelings

  • Enhances parent-child relationships by using parents as the primary change agents for their own children

There is over 50yrs of clinical and research experience in Filial therapy. It shows that not only can it be a therapeutic for children with emotional, social and behavioural difficulties but it can be a preventative program to strengthen relationships. Within the Filial Therapy process a Play Therapist will work intensely with the parents/carers.


 Circle of Security (Parenting Programme)


Circle of security is a parenting programme. It is an attachment based parenting class, designed to engage parents/caregiver’s wisdom and help parents/caregivers follow their children’s needs.  It is an attachment based parent reflection class and an evidence based programme. COS was developed by Bert Powell, Kent Hoffman, and Glen Cooper in 2007. They began to work together in 1985 and in 1990’s they focused on the clinical application of attachment theory. Kent, Bert and Glen and his colleagues received the Governor’s Child Abuse Prevention Award in Washington State for their work in the Circle of Security® Project.


After 50 yrs of research we know that the more secure children are the more they are able to enjoy happiness with their parents, feel less anger at their parents, turn to their parents for help when in trouble, solve problems on their own, have lasting friendships, have higher self- esteem, trust that good things will come their way and trust the people they love.


  • COS is an early intervention programme that strives to strengthen caregiver/ child relationship.

  • COS looks at children’s behaviour as a communication. Children have legitimate needs and behaviour is how they communicate those needs. Through reflective parenting caregivers are better aware of “being with” and importance of emotional regulation for children

  • COS is a balanced parenting approach not permissive or not authoritarian.

  • To facilitate reflective caregivers process

  • It that is ran over 8-12 weeks with a group size of 8-10 participants. Each class is 1.5-2hrs long. It is aimed for caregivers of children 0-5yrs old but is also for older children.


  • Parents to have a fuller understanding of their children’s needs

  • Supporting empathetic shift to seeing children’s acting out as a call for help.

  • Build happy healthy secure relationships

  • Understanding of caregivers own state of mind

  • Understand that we are relational beings – we do not learn to greet our feelings especially the difficult ones alone – we learn to greet them in relationship.

  • Help caregivers understand need for repairs when there is ruptures to the relationship

Filial Therapy