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In years to come… let them say of us… when things were at their worst… we were at our best.”

                  - Leo Varadkar


Online and Telephone Counselling

At Westmeath Counselling the majority of our Therapists are trained in Online, Video and Telephone Counselling.


This works in a very similar way as Face to Face Counselling. You call the centre for an apponintment. You will get to speak with a therapist who will get some basic details from you. Then a therapist suited to your needs will call you back and make your first appointment.


You choose the method that you feel most comfortable with:


Telephone - The therapist will call you at your appoinment time and conduct the session over the telephone.


Video call - This is done Via ZOOM , Skype or Wattsapp Video call.

Again you choose which one you would prefer.


Tips for a successful Online or Telephone Session:

  • Keep your time free exactly the same as if you were calling to the centre

  • Go to a quite spot, free from distraction or children or the doorbell

  • Put a "Do Not Disturb" Sign on the door if you need to!

  • If you cannot find a quite spot in the house, consider using the car and drive to a nice scenic place that will help you to relax.

  • Give yourself time after the session to reflect just as you would when driving home from a face to face session.

  • Something that always helps no matter how your session is delivered  - Keep a journal between sessions. This helps to keep you focused , record your triggers, or simply write about the feelings, thoughts and emotions that are surfacing for you.


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