A Heartfelt thank you.... to those of you who have shared your experience at Westmeath Counselling.

"I found attending Louise very beneficial for dealing with all aspects of daily stress.  In a time when we are very busy, with work, family life and social life, it can be very stressful in keeping all the balls in the air!!


By talking and discussing any issues, it helps relieve the pressure of situations and so the problem is not as big a problem any more.  By discussing a problem, with the help of Louise, we take the power away from it,  and take back our own power and develop skills to help move forward in a situation.  I have found attending Louise extremely beneficial, and will continue to see her when needed."


Marguerite .

My experience of attending Louise had been a very positive one indeed.

She had guided me to open up my mind and my emotions, both positive and negative. Because of this, I believe I am a much happier and calm person. Louise is intuitive, sharp and on the ball. I would highly recommend her to anyone.


I attended Louise for help with dealing with the stress I have been under over a number of years.  Louise has been a great source of support and help. Over the time I have worked with Louise I have learned what my stress triggers are and she has shown me ways to deal with them, coping methods that work for me.  It is a great relief at these difficult times to be able to speak to someone who is completely professional, trustworthy and non-judgemental.  I have been lucky to be able to phone her and be able to see her when things get difficult.


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"Your outer Journey may contain a million steps; your inner journey only has one; The step you are taking right now"

                        - Eckhart Tolle

I never realised that I suffered from stress and anxiety. I didn`t see the signs and it wasn`t until my body shut down and ground to a halt that I knew I had to take action. Louise came to my rescue. We started at the beginning and worked through all the baggage which was unopened for years. When that was done ,we came to the present and and how I needed to make changes in my life to help me to move forward to the future. Those changes are on-going and difficult at times. It`s hard to break habits....bad ones especially...


Louise has helped me greatly and continues to be a great support whenever I need to call on her. She provides a very professional, confidential and caring service .


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